You want to improve your recovery after matches and during tournaments? padel ? Have you thought about recovery socks?

Recovery socks are a tool increasingly used by top athletes who want to improve their performance between matches and limit the risk of injury. But this technology is not only intended for professional players, far from it. Our partner SOXPro provides recovery socks that can also be used for warming up.

For warm-up and recovery

SOXPRO recovery socks

Au padel, movements and jumps are numerous, which puts a strain on your legs. It is above all necessary to warm up properly before a game, to be able to provide the best possible performance on the track, but also to avoid injuries. Thanks to their optimal compression (variable compression ranging from 20 to 30 mmHg at the calf), SOXPro Recovery will allow you to warm up your calves before entering the track !

After the effort, in preventing the build-up of lactic acid in the calves, they will ensure optimal recovery, better oxygenation of the muscles and will allow you to feel fresh for your next match. Particularly useful in tournaments where the matches follow one another, they are also interesting after each training since by optimizing your recovery, the SOXPro Rcovery will allow you to progress faster! Equipped with Dryarn fibers, they are seamless, which will ensure optimal comfort.

To better recover while traveling

SOXPRO compression recovery socks

The third use of this product is for trips. Here again, the compression of SOXPro Recovery, which activates venous return, will allow avoid the feeling of heavy legs that we can meet when we spend a long time in transport! Perfect if you have to travel to play a tournament or simply if you have a match between friends after returning from a trip! By acting as a detoxifying massage, they will offer you, thanks to the oxygenation of your legs, a real “detox effect” on the rest of your body!

A complete product, available from S to XXL, that you can find on the SoXPro website !

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