Le padel is a relatively new sport compared to the other racket sports which are most similar to it, namely tennis and squash.

Sports performance at padel is conditioned by different determinants: physical and physiological qualities, specific sporting skills and competitive strategies. The padel, like tennis and squash, is characterized by rapid starts, braking, many changes of support, repeated strikes, involving many muscle groups, ranging from sub-maximum intensities to periods of moderate activity or weak.

However, studies concerning this sport are very few, even more in our country. That's why we will soon determine the physical requirements, i.e. the distances traveled and the speeds of movement, as well as the physiological requirements necessary for padel : the average heart rate, the level of lactate in the blood and the evaluation of the perception of the effort. This will allow us to suggest the training and evaluation orientations that seem best suited to the preparation of the player for padel future years.

Matthieu LEBOURGEOIS, sports physiotherapist, will be back on the physical and physiological requirements necessary for padel which will make it possible to suggest the training and evaluation orientations of the players of padel future years.


Matthieu Lebourgeois is a sports physiotherapist and physical trainer. He takes care of players of padel lover of re-athletic rehabilitation and practices padel regularly at leisure on padel. Matthieu fully intends to test himself in competition and show his talent!