The information comes from our colleagues at VeinteDiez and we must therefore give it credit: Sofia Araujo and Martita Ortega have decided to team up again.

The two women, who shared the track for two months in 2023, seem well on their way to starting a second stage together. At the time, Martita had left Sofia for Gemma Triay, an obviously understandable choice.

For her part, after a short stint with Jessica Castello then a stage with Alejandra Salazar, the Lusitanian then found the Argentine Virginia Riera, a player with whom she had completely revealed herself a few years ago.

But today, we see that version 2.0 of the Araujo / Riera doublet is not as prolific as before. On the Ortega side, the pair formed in February with Veronica Virseda is not completely convincing either. The two women are certainly going out of a final in Bordeaux (in a tournament where the pairs Josemaria / Sanchez and Brea / Gonzalez were absent, it must be emphasized), but before that they had never made it past the semi-finals (twice).

We would therefore understand very well if these two duos decide to separate and that Martita tries the adventure again with Sofia, a player with whom she gets along very well off the track, and who can, thanks to her powerful smash, very complement it well. Although this still seems a little surprising given the Araujo's words a few days ago, however, it seems that this pair will become effective after the Italy Major. We will therefore soon see if the two women confirm the information.

Will we also be entitled to a Riera / Virseda duo?

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