uPadel.net and Padelmagazine suggest you use the center volley presented last week to earn the point with a smatch.

The Positioning :

After taking your opponents out of comfort with a volley in the center, do not hesitate to enter the last zone of attack between 1m50 and the net.

In this position, you are about to be definitive, to gain the point.

The attitude:

In this situation, you have to be "in tension", that is to say very reactive in relation to the defense ball that one of your opponents is going to send. The legs must be moving, your support on the ground light to allow great reactivity. The racket head should be high ready to go. The adrenaline must rise and the aggressiveness boosted !!

Types of smatch:

The Par 4 Smatch (because the grid at the back of the court has a maximum height of 4m!) Is ideal. For this, the gesture must be:

  • from top to bottom
  • by dropping the racquet head very quickly,
  • the ball struck very far forward,
  • the point of impact on the ground of the ball will then be close to you and it will take a lot of height later and will exceed the wall of the bottom.

Another alternative is to smatsher in the feet of the opponent who is in front of you.

For this, the gesture must be:

  • from top to bottom
  • very important arm speed
  • the ball hit a little in front of the vertical of your position
  • The supports must be well anchored on the ground
  • the point of impact of the ball on the ground will then be close to the feet of your opponent in front of you.

Thus the point will be won because the reaction time of your opponent will not allow him to react.

It avoids smatcher crossing the ball because it may touch both walls and thus slow down 2 times, which gives more chances to your opponents to put the ball back

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Good padel !

Pierre Lamouré

Pierre Lamouré is one of the technical pillars of Padel Magazine. The founder of Upadel.net, regularly offers you technical and tactical topics around padel. A question ? A demand ? do not hesitate to contact him at pierrelamoure @padelmagazine.fr