What a week ! Reporters Without Borders, without fear and without reproach, Padel Mag's team tells you all, live, about the French women's team present for these XI Padel European Championships in Rome.

The girls qualified for the long-awaited final against Italy, tomorrow, have lived a week for the moment quite quiet, on the sporting level. 2 group matches won 3 / 0, without losing a set against Germany and Great Britain.

The homogeneity and level of the team allowed coach Patrick Fouquet, on the one hand, to rotate the squad by aligning unpublished pairs (Alix-Laura, for example, and resting Jessica Ginier), and on the other hand to play all the girls present this week!

To test the mental resistance of this group he was also able to announce some compositions the morning of the matches! Which team ! They responded and won all their matches in 2 sets.

Unwavering cohesion and solidarity within this team, acquired during wild Uno games ...

At the Open, parallel tournament in pairs, very good results too. Despite losing the 1er Tour of the Soubrié-Vandaele pair against the Italian 3 team, the other 3 pairs have passed their 1er Tour ... see more.

The pair Martin-Feaugas lost in the quarterfinals against Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier after a good and good match.

The pair Godallier-Clergue managed a great match against the 3 1 / 4 seed by winning in 2 sets, mastered.

With the honors, after a successful match, Lea and Laura lost yesterday in half against the seed 1. Two Spanish players from the World Padel Tour, Talavan-Virsega, ranked 21 and 39 worldwide!

Once again, our triple French champions, Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier, are the best in this Open even though we have read a lot of disappointment after this defeat against the Spanish. The Spanish pair seemed at the door of our French. Some irregularities include the second set where we saw them back in the game despite some small physical glitches on the side of Jessica.

The French team can start again tomorrow and beat on the magnificent central Italian Bola Padel Club. But we will have to go get this victory because the Italian public has already shown that it can be very hot!

We will meet tomorrow morning at 10h to follow this final, either on SkySport and for those who can not access this channel, we will try to make available a streaming on our Youtube channel.

Line Meites

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