StarVie embodies the essence of padel, distinguishing itself by its exclusive commitment to this sport in perpetual motion. For more than 20 years, the company has built its reputation thanks to impeccable quality, constant innovation and proudly Spanish artisanal manufacturing.

In this article, we will highlight an innovative model: a unique product available in three distinct foam densities allowing you to explore and understand the impact of a rigid (or very soft) core on the way you play. In fact, StarVie is the first brand to offer three different rubber hardnesses on the same reference. We will take a close look at the types of players these palas are intended for, their advantages and disadvantages depending on the profile and level of play.

Kenta Eternal: evolution or revolution?

The Kenta appears to be an evolution of the Astrum, one of the flagship products of the Premium range, since it resembles it in several points, firstly with a round shape and a covering made up of two layers of 3K carbon fiber. . It asserts itself as its heir, taking up the fundamental elements of the Astrum while transcending them, in particular thanks to its new mold. This metamorphosis results in improved attributes, refined design and optimized performance making this reference a high quality product.

The Kenta Eternal is not only distinguished by its evolution, but also by a true technological revolution. It incorporates new components that illustrate StarVie’s cutting-edge know-how in terms of innovation. While most other brands have chosen stability for their 2024 range by relying on their best-sellers and capitalizing on the strengths of their products, StarVie has decided to offer a real transformation with the Kenta. This model is distinguished not only by profound innovations (which we will detail below), but also by its name, which marks a break with the tradition established in recent times by StarVie. Unlike previous products whose designations were inspired by science, legends, myths and the universe (like the star in the logo), this pala adopts a unique and bold name.

Kenta, a name not chosen at random

The choice of the name “Kenta” for this racket is not accidental. This Japanese first name, which carries values ​​such as protection and victory, has a powerful connotation regarding this model. The adjective “Eternal” (“eternal” in French) highlights two essential aspects of this racket. On the one hand, it highlights the exceptional quality of the product, suggesting that it is a masterpiece that will remain engraved forever. On the other hand, “eternal” evokes the notion of durability, suggesting that this racket is designed to stand the test of time and accompany players on their different journeys. By combining these two terms, “Kenta Eternal” becomes a powerful and evocative name that perfectly sums up the essence of this sublime racket.

I must admit that this is one of the most splendid palas I have held in my hands, with color combinations rarely seen before. The lacquered black and gray background with visible carbon pattern remains classic, but the bold integration of putty color for the StarVie logo is simply stunning. The light khaki shade used for the sieve base and deck creates a stylish contrast to the rest of the frame and coordinates perfectly with the brand name which is embossed on the top of the sieve for a three-dimensional ash gray effect bluish with striking golden reflections. In addition to this, other subtle elements enrich the overall design. These delicate touches incorporate a reflector effect which makes them sparkle when exposed to the sun's rays. When the sieve is bathed in light, the details come alive and give off sparkling reflections. These captivating light shows irresistibly catch the eye and create a magnetic visual spectacle. We will now discover how the list of new technologies makes this model a small revolution at StarVie.

StarVie Kenta side

A rain of technologies

The brand had capitalized for several seasons on models that were still very efficient, but without any real blatant innovation (apart from the Dual Density rubber of the Metheora). The Kenta Eternal is a round racket, a popular feature at StarVie and present in most of the products in their catalog, which combines advanced technologies for unprecedented control, power and maneuverability. This shape guarantees a centered sweet spot, balance in the handle and optimal maneuverability.

However, upon handling, we notice that the balance is not as low as expected for a round-shaped racket, which suggests a slightly more offensive orientation. Although it is not comparable to that of a Triton (teardrop shape), it is still superior to that of classic round rackets. When it comes to integrated innovations, let's focus on those that are noticeable. The Noene Inside Grip constitutes an advancement applied to the racket handle, developed in partnership with the Italian company NOENE (NO Energy Negative). This new anti-shock grip, exclusive to the brand's rackets and pre-installed, absorbs and protects up to 96% of vibrations during each strike. It helps prevent inflammation of the tendons and reduce fatigue in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder thanks to its ability to absorb vibrations generated by impact. Its length has been extended by 15 mm to meet current standards and the growing demand from players for optimal grip.

Say goodbye to classic cords that are difficult to put in place, the Kenta Eternal racket is equipped with a padded and adjustable wrist strap which offers optimal comfort and always welcome practicality. In addition, Hex Tech technology applied to the surface of the sieve consists of a new 3D textured area with hexagonal roughness, integrated directly into the mold of the racket. This gives it greater durability and strength while improving spin for more spin, regardless of where the ball contacts the surface of the racket. Reactive Holes represents a new configuration of perforations aimed at increasing the sweet spot and optimizing play by improving reactivity, that is to say the ability of materials to regain their shape or position under constant stress. As for the Geo Bridge, it is a new technology which replaces the Star Balance and is integrated into the bridge of the racket. Thanks to its hexagonal design, it offers better maneuverability during the game, facilitating movements and allowing easy acceleration, which translates into increased power in strikes while also reducing vibrations transmitted to the wrist. Now, let's look at the core which is offered in several options.

Three densities, three game universes

  1. Extra-soft foam (Ultra Speed ​​Soft) : the soft cocoon. Wrap your strikes in maximum comfort. Perfect for beginners and intermediate players looking for a very soft hitting sensation, this ultra-comfortable foam absorbs vibrations and enlarges the ideal sweet spot. Be careful with the offensive aspect, if you are looking for explosive power, this foam may not be the most suitable. Ball release – 100% Control – 85% – Power 85%
  2. Medium density foam (Soft30) : the perfect balance for absolute versatility! Intermediate or advanced players, this foam is made for you. Its balance between power and control will allow you to explore all types of play. Hit hard, hit right, the Soft30 foam will accompany you in your progress towards an ever more precise and powerful game. Not for extremes: neither flexible enough for beginners, nor rigid enough for cracks, this foam will suit the majority of players, but may not satisfy the most demanding in the offensive sector. Ball release – 90% Control – 95% – Power 90%
  3. Hard foam (Pro50) : brute force, unleash your power! Designed for competitors and technical players, this foam will allow you to hit hard. Maximize your potential and dominate the court with incisive, precise and powerful shots. Be careful, the slightest mistake costs money! Hard foam is not forgiving of offsets and may be less comfortable for players with sensitive arms. Ball release – 85% Control – 98,5% – Power 100%

On the pitch, it is clear that each reference offers a unique playing sensation.

Kenta Pro: explosive power and precision


The Kenta Pro50 is the powerhouse of the Kenta range, armed with rigid foam that unleashes explosive volleys, devastating smashes and pinpoint precision. This racket on steroids is extremely responsive and you can count on it in the offensive sector. Despite its dense foam, this model maintains decent defensive capabilities thanks to average balance. However, it is important to note that the sweet spot is rather small and comfort minimal, which may not suit all players. I would wholeheartedly recommend this racket to expert players with a solid technical foundation who are looking for a highly maneuverable option without compromising on offensive prowess.

Kenta Speed: unrivaled comfort and handling

Unlike the Kenta Pro, the Speed ​​combines comfort and wisdom, making it the favorite among intermediate players for optimal handling and allowing smooth progression. This racket has an incredibly large sweet spot, offering unprecedented offset tolerance as well as divine hitting comfort. However, the Ultra Speed ​​Soft foam construction can pose a challenge in energetic play, as the extreme flexibility of the core seems to hamper ball control during rapid accelerations or volleys that are a little too forceful. Despite the emphasis on comfort and maneuverability, the Kenta Speed ​​also shines in defensive situations, ensuring remarkable ball release that guides you out of tricky situations without the need for excessive effort. I highly recommend this racquet to players at a satisfactory level who prioritize comfort and have exceptional punto dulce, or to those who may experience arm discomfort, making it an ideal choice for players looking to improve their game without sacrificing ease of use and/or accentuate an injury.

Kenta Soft: the perfect balance

Armed with StarVie's legendary Soft30 foam, this latest benchmark offers the perfect balance of performance and feel, making it an adaptable choice for intermediate/advanced players to explore their skills and perfect their technique. This racket offers very good power, excellent comfort and notable ball release, without excelling in any area. Its true strength lies in its versatility, allowing players to adapt to different playing styles and pitch conditions. The Kenta Soft is an ideal choice for experienced players looking for a racquet that can seamlessly transition from aggressive attack to controlled defense. Its balanced design ensures that players can shine in all aspects of the game without compromising on any area.


StarVie hits hard with its new high-end palas, designed for the most demanding players and perfectly embody the brand's commitment to excellence, offering exceptional performance and optimal adaptation to different playing styles. needs of all players, StarVie offers 3 different foam densities for its palas. This diversity allows players to choose the reference that best suits their style and playing conditions.

The Pro50, with its hard foam, is ideal for experienced players looking for maximum power and formidable precision. It is particularly effective in summer, when temperatures allow better reactivity of the foam.

Conversely, the Hyper Speed ​​Soft, with its soft foam, is perfect for improving intermediate players looking for extreme comfort and consistent ball release. It is particularly popular in winter, when colder temperatures stiffen the foam and reduce its responsiveness.

The Soft30, with its intermediate density rubber, is a versatile choice that will suit all types of players. It offers a good compromise between power, control and comfort, making it ideal in all areas of the game.

Manufactured in the Spanish Azuqueca de Henares factory, the Kenta Eternal reflects StarVie's know-how and demands, being designed to last and offer consistent performance, even in the most intense gaming conditions. For my part, I was particularly attracted by the Pro, because its excellent handling and exceptional responsiveness perfectly match my offensive style of play by allowing me to chain powerful and precise shots with optimal control.

I wanted to thank Manu Garcia for French Padel Shop for allowing me to test these 3 superb models.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!