Let's find out today a different way of improve at padel understanding how to play a defense ball : using and focusing on the rebound.

Beginners or experienced players alike, you find that your positioning and your adjustment to the ball from the baseline is difficult for you. No matter how active you are, it doesn't work. We told you to prepare earlier, to pick up pressure, to take a step forward to impact close to the rebound ... A whole lot of advice that may not suit you.

There is a much less well-known technique but which is effective to very effective both in children and adults and even those in search of performance. This is the step-rebound technique.

No rebound

The idea is really simple. When we are at the back of the track, in defense, we will try to wait for the rebound on the ground of our opponents' ball to take the first step back. This will allow us to take the time to analyze the trajectory of the ball to take the first step in the right direction.
Both for the shots played directly and for the shots played out of the window, the fact of putting the foot on the ground at the time of the rebound will help us to better understand the game and especially to be more serene.

And at high speed?

This is the question we can ask ourselves. When the game speeds up, does this technique also work?
Sure. The only difference is that we will move on the track, then at the time of the rebound we will take the step back.

This technique is good to know, especially in schools of padelbecause not all students react in the same way to the instructions given. It is very interesting in children because this technique develops their psycho-motor skills. Ball reading, hold, speed management, body and balance management. Using this method may improve the learning of future strokes such as the bandeja or the fly. In adults, the step-rebound will allow you to focus on something other than the racket grip, the strike or the desired playing area, which can promote an improvement and / or understanding of the game.

So is the padel. Before launching into the net, you have to understand the trajectories, the rebounds and adapt to the speeds. The step-rebound technique can surely help you with this. Do not hesitate to test, even if you are an instructor ...

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife (Spain). Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his tutorials and tactical/technical articles padel.