Varlion, which offers high-end rackets wrapped in technology continues to support the padel female by sponsoring more and more WPT players.

After Jessica Castello (n ° 18) Barbara Las Heras (n ° 23), Veronica Virseda (n ° 26), Bea Caldera (n ° 29) and Ana Cortiles (n ° 45), now Varlion is betting on two new players for 2022: Noah Canovas (39) and Julia Polo (56)!

The Spanish brand now has 7 players in the WPT Top 60! Proof of his desire to seduce the female public, confirmed by the very colorful styles of the new palas.

Noa Canovas Team Varlion 2022

Of course, the men are not left out since in addition to the headliners Miguel Yanguas and Jon Sanz, the brand also has in its ranks the hope Juanlu Esbri or the already veterans Antonio Fernandez Cano, Aris Patiniotis and Ricky Martinez.

Varlion 2022 TEAM WPT team

Very soon, we will present the new palas of the 2022 collection, which are not lacking in technical innovations!

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