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uPadel.net and Padelmagazine today offer you a purely technical and very important aspect of padel : The VIBORA.

The context :

Set on the fly, you receive a high ball that:

  • is not short enough to attack directly and finish the point in one shot
  • is not deep enough to actually be a lob

The problem is therefore the following: how to play this high ball to put the opponent in an uncomfortable situation and without losing the advantage of the position at the net?

Two technical solutions: bandeja and the vivora.

La bandeja, already treated in one of the previous videos, is a cut effect shot, with a weak rebound and whose speed is not very important.

On the other hand, the vivora is a sharp shot, giving the ball an important speed as well as a lateral effect.

6 essential points:

  • Moving in steps pushed backwards
  • Raising the elbow at least at the level of the shoulder
  • Face of the racket towards the opponents
  • Left hand materializing the point of impact with the ball
  • Do not hit the ball too much in front of you but let it go a little
  • Slight rotation of the torso before the impact, the supports remaining strongly hung on the ground

Let's see this in picture ......






Pierre Lamouré

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