Le World Padel Center is the first worldwide franchise of clubs of padel. Its objective is to connect structures and to establish quality standards uniforms.

Develop the growth of padel

It’s a major project which has just emerged in the world of padel. Indeed, the World Padel Center aims to unite clubs all over the world in order to guarantee the same performance standards both for professionals in the sector and for practitioners. An obligation at present because the padel is gaining market share, especially compared to tennis.

The basic idea is to offer all parts of the world padel de develop their growth in order to increase profits and attract new players, especially since the context of a global pandemic has benefited the development of the discipline. This is how the World Padel Center will allow, among other things, to work with installation management software, to use the image rights of NOX and Bullpadel to equip clubs from A to Z and include them in an annual tournament.


America before Europe?

At present, the World Padel Center is at one experimentation and expansion phase on the other side of the Atlantic (United States, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay). However, depending on the progress of the project, an arrival on the Old Continent in the coming months should materialize shortly.

Thus, clubs wishing to be part of the WPC will have communication, advertising, marketing and training services at their disposal. The objective is to professionalize the hiring of coaches, to master brand positioning on social networks but also to effectively manage income. Finally, the affiliated structures will benefit from monitoring to organize tournaments and develop high performance centers under the supervision of Lisandro Borges, President of the Argentine Federation.


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