If you have seen the round of XNUMX du Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, you have certainly seen this incredible shot signed Francisco “Xisco” Gil.

The player from Cordoba in Spain has rewarded us several times with a rather crazy blow against Lucas Campagnolo and Javi Garrido. To prevent the powerful Javi Garrido from making too many winning smashes, the 27th player in the world has his own technique: perform a "contrapared" before the ball hits the glass. A gesture that obviously requires incredible reflexes when you know how fast the ball arrives. To pay tribute to the player, the commentators of this Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major did not hesitate to rename the shot “Xisquiña”.

About the point you will see just here, Gil also offers himself the luxury of finishing the job with a magnificent bajada de pared followed by an unstoppable cross volley. High class !

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