A step of World Padel Tour will normally take place in France 2022 soon.

With the arrival of the broadcaster Canal +, the assumed ambitions of the French Tennis Federation to offer a WPT event in France, and finally the recent words of the WPT international manager, Hernan Auguste, the stars finally seem aligned. to offer us the first Open of padel in France.

After the "Challenger”By WinWin Padel de l'Arbois (Aix-en-Provence / Marseille) and Casa Pdadel (Paris), we should be entitled to the first Open of World Padel Tour in France, Eric Largeron In fact, told us this last weekend at the Pyramids.

The news follows and looks alike: the World Padel Tour will occupy an important place in France via the official broadcaster Canal +.

The encrypted channel will re-broadcast WPT tournaments live from 2022, but it will also broadcast the Master Final next December which will take place in Madrid.

Canal + could thus rebroadcast the first French WPT Open on its airwaves.

Santiago plazas

Colombians love it padel ! So yes, we are not the best, but the main thing is to participate. You understood it, I am the chico who comes from Bogota and I intend to mark the padel of my imprint with Padel Magazine.