The summer holidays are coming, and with them, the parents' headache of keeping their children occupied. OSS Barcelona has the ideal solution: tennis courses, padel, beach tennis, water activities in Castelldefels on the outskirts of Barcelona. These offers offer a balanced experience between sport and culture, all by the sea.

Our internships

We welcome young people from 3 to 23 years old, whatever their level. More than 1000 participants have joined us in previous summers, in a club renowned for training high-level athletes. Our tailor-made programs are adapted to every age and every desire, half-day or full-day. The packages include technical training, daily physical sessions, matches, and recovery time in the pool. The top-notch fitness facilities and beautiful seaside setting add a unique touch to the experience.

Friendly accommodation

Do you want to send your child alone? Our packages include the option of accommodation with a host family. This option offers total cultural immersion, allowing you to practice Spanish and/or English and live an enriching experience in a warm and welcoming context. Our host families are carefully selected to guarantee a secure and friendly environment, thus offering everyone a stay that is both comfortable and beneficial for their personal and linguistic development.

Language immersion

The international atmosphere gives participants an ideal opportunity to improve their Spanish and English language skills while having fun. For those who wish to improve their language level, we offer tailor-made personalized courses. These options offer total immersion for even more effective learning.

The sportiest European city

In addition, the courses are located in the charming town of Castelldefels offering 15 km of fine sandy beaches, water activities, an Olympic canal, a natural park and coves. Nearby Barcelona is full of famous tourist sites like the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and the works of Gaudi. The city promises a festive, cultural and sunny life.

A unique support

We offer all-inclusive packages which include the presence of a French-speaking coordinator on site, thus ensuring the safety and smooth running of all activities. This coordinator will accompany your child throughout the duration of the internship, ensuring that every aspect of their stay goes off without a hitch. He will also be a reliable and available point of contact to answer any questions or concerns, providing constant support and personalized assistance. Additionally, the coordinator plays a crucial role in integrating your child into the group, facilitating interactions and ensuring an enriching and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Why not treat your child to an international experience this summer? Whether alone or with friends, we will be delighted to welcome him. Parents also have the opportunity to participate in courses, thus sharing this unique and enriching adventure. This is an ideal opportunity to experience unforgettable moments with your family while enjoying programs adapted to all ages and levels.

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