In recent days the APT Sevilla Master 2022 was held, which saw the pair Arce – Dal Bianco finish the competition in apotheosis, winning the title of champion in the Andalusian city.

The organizers of this event have not done things by halves, organizing the meetings below ““Las Setas”. For those who have not had the chance to visit the city, “Las Setas” is a wooden structure measuring 150 m long and offering a height of 28 m (ideal for those who like very high lobs). The latter allows locals and tourists alike to admire the beauty of the Andalusian capital from above.

In other words, a dream location for a competition like this, and as we could see, the public did not fail to respond!

On this occasion, Padel Magazine had the chance to speak with Thomas Johansson, Managing Director ofAPT Padel Tour. At our microphone, the Swede was able to discuss several topics such as the site where the competition was being played, the future calendar and the level for the ladies which is only progressing.

“A spectacular place”

“This is one of the most spectacular places we have had in the APT Padel Round. When we looked at the places to settle here in Seville, this one stood out among the first. The players as well as the public loved being here. The staff here in Sevilla have done a fantastic job.

We are looking for unique places to install our tracks. Organizing such events in fabulous places remains quite complicated of course. That's why we have to stay very organized. But we know what we have to do”.

APT Sevilla MAster 2022 public semi-finals

“We keep getting better”

“I think we just keep getting better every year. The five events we have already done this year exceed what we did last year. We are growing and we will continue on this path. THE padel is an amazing sport, it connects people and that's why we want it to be global.

The ex-tennis player also returned to the possibility of creating an identical calendar each year, a bit like what we find in tennis.

“Yes we will try to sign long-term agreements with the promoters because I don't believe in the current system of creating events each season in different places. I think like in tennis, it is better to work for the long term. This would allow all the events present in the calendar to grow.

“Betting on young people and women”

“We try to cover all levels of play, not just the top level. It is important to highlight the juniors, at least the future great champions by devoting time and energy to them.

herrada borrero champions cup apt sevilla open

“Similarly, I'm very happy to see that more and more women are coming to participate in our events, as you just said, the level increases incredibly with each competition and that's a very important thing. It is currently possible to see that in the clubs of padel, more and more women are registered and in some countries we even manage to see that the percentage between men and women is getting considerably closer, sometimes even being identical. I would like to try to also increase the prize-money for the female players but before all that, we must communicate more to insist on the fact that we are not only a circuit intended for men. We keep working on it and I will do everything to be as egalitarian as possible”.

You can find the entire interview in English thanks to the video below.
Sebastien Carrasco

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