Hiram et Loïc byHiLo Padel land on Padel Magazine ! Through a series of mini-videos, they will give you advice on physical preparation. First episode: warm-up.

A series of mini-videos to come

We are all addicted to padel with the advantages that we know such as pleasure, exchange, passion, laughter, competition... But as in all sports, you must remain vigilant and know how to listen to your body to avoid injuries.

We see many people having more and more “boos” or even being victims of more serious injuries such as muscle tears. Without forgetting the famous tennis elbow and other tendinopathies,…

As coaches, our role is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can practice your padel in the best possible conditions.

Through a mini-series of upcoming videos, you will discover how to improve injury prevention, take care of your body but also your game.

  • warming
  • The importance of support for effective play
  • Strengthen your legs
  • Why strengthen your abdominal belt
  • Discover mobility
  • Take care of your head and body


So we start this week with the warm-up.

An effective warm-up is essential to start your match with optimal preparation. By reducing the risk of injury, it also prepares your body for exercise while strengthening your concentration.

In a competitive setting or even during games with friends, players often neglect this important step. However, starting the match well prepared allows you to gain a significant advantage over your opponent. Including ten minutes in your pre-match routine should be a priority when you want to optimize your performance.

So how do you warm up correctly? Find out the answer in this video.

Discover Team HiLo

Hiram : Coach of padel for more than ten years, Hiram has been essential in the landscape of padel French. Former top 300, he bases his coaching above all on the human approach.


Loïc : A former high-level basketball athlete, Loïc has recently graduated from TFP. His expertise comes from a complete career in the world of sport, specializing in particular in physical preparation.

loic hilo padel

HiLo Padel is the birth of this enriching meeting between Hiram and Loïc who share the same sports but also human values, with this common ambition to create an innovative training method by bringing together all their knowledge in order to share it with the magnificent community of padel.


This method will be aimed at different audiences: sport-leisure, sport-health, sport-business, and sport-competition.

“We want to offer a real experience that encompasses the entire padel but also of the player with a single guideline: to have fun.”

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