The French pair of World Padel Tour with the gentlemen, Benjamin Tison and Jérémy Scatena, will not be renewed next year. And yet, that the adventure was beautiful despite this COVID-19, with very good victories.

Benjamin Tison on Facebook

The time has come to take stock of my 1st full year in Spain. Complete is a big word, with this pandemic which will have bothered us a lot (to be polite).

After these beautiful weeks with my partner Jeremy Scatena, I will especially remember the positive points; I first spent a brilliant year off the field with him.

Sportingly, we had prestigious victories (against the 60th world pair), finished at the gates of a WPT final table with 2 Previa finals, a result that no French pair had yet achieved; and we beat the French champions Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué, during the only P2000 organized by the FFT.

There will nevertheless remain some errors of course, bad matches in Master and some big frustrating defeats, with this strange feeling of not being able to sublimate even more despite our friendship.

I want to thank the whole academy, which followed me on a daily basis, Pablo Ayma, Xavi Figols, Nico Gavino, to whom I owe a lot for my progress throughout the year, without forgetting Jean-michel Pequery, my trainer mental, for everything it gives me on and off the pitch.

I would never have been able to experience this life as a professional player, without the precious help of my sponsors, Nox, the FFT, the Yvelines league, AS Mantes, PRO GRH.

I can see how lucky I am to experience this adventure every day thanks to them.

But above all I would like to thank Scat, thanks to him I was able to know all these emotions.

It is thanks to him that I was so well received in Spain, I owe you a lot.

Our paths will separate next year for different projects, I wish you the best.

Jérémy Scatena on facebook

There it's finished. My sports year with Benjamin Tison is coming to an end. It was dotted with incredible matches and prestigious wins.

Victories over WPT Numbers 97,89,87,85,81,80,78,60,60,53….

2 last laps of previa which leave us at the door of the main draw.

Disappointment in the consistency and in the pleasure on the ground that I did not manage to take.

In 2021 a lot will change, because I want to become the player I have always been again.

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