Unhappy A1 finalists Padel French Open, Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Alfonso don't really have time to think about the reasons for their first defeat of the season on the Fabrice Pastor circuit, or to rest on the Côte d'Azur...

Indeed, the Argentinians are expected in their country where they must face José Diestro and Pablo Lijo this evening. Those who have a wild-card for Mar Del Plata Premier Padel P1, must somehow teleport, as Gonzalo Alfonso humorously said in a story on Instagram.

Between recovery, travel, and preparation for the match, there is not much time left for those who will play their first match on the field this Monday. Premier Padel to recover from their emotions. In what condition will we find them this evening? Difficult to say, but in front of an audience that will certainly be fully committed to their cause, those who intend to prove that they are capable of competing with pairs from the main draws of the circuit financed by QSI, could forget the fatigue accumulated in recent days.

Will they be able to get rid of the experienced Lijo and Diestro? We are waiting for your predictions!

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