Focus today on Tom Pandora, the author of the song “Joue la comme Galán”, who decided to release his YouTube channel of the same name.

Fan of Galán

My passion for padel was the catalyst for this new adventure that I titled Play it like Galán. Being a fan of Ale Galán, I couldn't find better. It was for me (and the padel obviously) an inexhaustible source of inspiration to take on new sporting challenges after a difficult period in my life.

Play it like Galán is not just a YouTube channel on the padel. I would like to offer an immersion into the journey of an amateur player in search of improvement, who does not have the possibility of going to train in Spain. The idea is to show how Mr. Everybody who loves padel can improve with what he has available. I chose to share this adventure in an entertaining, creative, and above all, authentic way. Being a creative person, I write novels, I make music, videos, I was keen to place all of that in this channel.

Several sizes

In this adventure, I wish to explore several dimensions of the world of padel :

  • Inspired training: With sessions led by eminent coaches Moises Benavente Miana and Marcos Lopez, I bring the Spanish spirit to my training, sharing the secrets that have shaped the performances of renowned players such as Juan Lebron, Stupa, and Di Nenno.
  • Power and performance: I dive into the importance of nutrition in progression to padel, offering practical advice for maintaining a body in tip-top shape and ready to perform.
  • Tournament vlogs: from thrilling moments of P250 and P500 tournaments to more casual P100 or mixed events with friends, my partner and other playing partners. Each video captures the essence of the game and the camaraderie.
  • Creativity in action : I am a creative artist and each video is a unique narrative work, merging original music (for each video I will create music which will then be available on all streaming platforms), immersive writing and cinematic perspective. Always with a touch of fun to entertain of course.

Various objectives

The other objectives of the chain in complete transparency. : 

  • Adidas Padel : I hope to be able to reach enough people through this channel to obtain a partnership with them. I know that my level as an athlete will not allow me to do so, because I will never be a pro – and that is not the objective – but I hope that the channel can help me achieve this objective.
  • 1 VS 1 with Ale Galán: the craziest, but also the coolest, goal of this channel is to once again reach enough people to allow me one day to play with Ale Galán one on one. Not to try to beat him, let's be serious, but to have a great time.

My goal with Play it like Galán goes beyond sharing a simple sporting journey. I wish to demonstrate how fans of padel can become professional while remaining in France. It is a personal and authentic exploration of the passion and determination needed to continually improve.

Allow fans to identify themselves

I never thought I would create a YouTube channel on padel. On music, video, comedy okay but on padel No. Being no one in the world of padel, I didn't see the point. But it was while talking with friends from padel, the Demidoff brothers, whom I appreciate enormously, that I noticed that there was not a lot of French content on the padel amateur. That people like Julien Seurin, Man Vives or even Léo Poulain offered content, but in a dimension that is inaccessible for amateurs like us, which prevents us from identifying ourselves. They are the ones who pushed me to launch this channel.

His son as inspiration

As a creative, I have many ideas bouncing around in my head but I have to reason with myself most of the time. For the first video, I planned to make content like we are used to seeing on YouTube in the world of padel. Being all alone to shoot, film, show the videos, I had to do software. But it went against my creative side.

Coming home from work, in the car with my nine-month-old son next to me, I played music, it was music from the movie Space Jam. My little one started waving his arms. I looked at him and said, “Look, Dad will do it like this when he gets on the field. World Padel Tour to play with Galantico”. I simulated entering the field by greeting the public etc. At that moment I understood that I had to go in this direction for my videos.

The intro to my first video was set. And the rest flowed naturally.

Ale conquered

In my surroundings of padel, several people bring out the lyrics to me, it's really great to see this enthusiasm around my delirium on the padel and Galan. Everyone calls me Galán. Besides, I found out from Ale Galán's sister, Alba, that he had seen the video and the song. According to him, he found the music really cool and the video great. 

But since he hasn't come back to me directly, I see that I still have a lot of work to do in terms of notoriety to be taken seriously by Ale. In his eyes, with this clip (knowing that I was at my zero level of padel), I'm just a fan (a bit of a nerd) having fun. And the day when I do a one-on-one with him with Adidas sponsorship will be a huge reward, but above all a maximum pleasure.

Photo credits: Maurice Photography.

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