In an interview carried out by our colleagues from Tennis Legend, Toni Nadal explains that tennis rackets should be made smaller, and draws a parallel with the padel.

Le padel is a sport appreciated in particular because it is very accessible. In summary, you can quickly have fun even if you don't have impeccable technique, notably thanks to shovels which are rather tolerant and manageable. In tennis, it's very different: before you can really enjoy it, you need hours of training to tame a not very tolerant racket and be able to make correct shots.

Toni Nadal is convinced that in order to evolve, tennis must make a material change: “There is one thing, for me, that we must change: the racket. The racket should be smaller. Everyone wants to play padel. For what ? Because we live in a society where we need easy things.”

He continues: “Tennis is becoming too difficult for people aged 30 or 35 who want to start playing. This is why people play padel because it is more accessible. The racket is too difficult for amateurs and too easy for professionals.”

In other words, tall players who hit very hard, according to him, benefit too much from the lever arm generated by the length of the rackets, when amateurs have an object that is too large and too difficult to handle. Could a smaller racket make tennis more accessible and more enjoyable to watch?

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