The end of our stage of the day takes us to the northern tip of the hexagon. This region is very active padel and deserves to be talked about more often.

Our stage will start with Amiens to weave our way through the departements, go through Valenciennes, Béthune, Lille, then get closer to the sea with Le Touquet, Boulogne and finally Dunkirk.

Amiens, the capital of Picardy is an architectural gem with its many UNESCO listed buildings. Many canals cross it to take you to its Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, one of the largest in the world.

Valenciennes is a city with a mining past which bears the nickname of Athens of the north as its cultural history is rich.

Bethune is a city with fertile agricultural land. This bourgeois city suffered greatly from the passage of the 2 world wars. Today it continues its reconstruction with a major urban renewal project and the creation of eco-districts.

Lille, which owes its name to its first location on an island of swamps, is still nicknamed the capital of Flanders. Passed into the hands of many civilizations, it is attached to France under Louis XIV. After major degradations due to the passage of the two great wars, Lille has been rebuilt with new districts, innovations such as the automatic metro or the organization of major events such as the Braderie de Lille in September.

Le Touquet or otherwise known as “Paris-plage” is the holiday resort for the inhabitants of the capital. Multiplying its population in summer by 50, this high standing place is located near a beautiful forest. To note its famous race of motorbikes and its race of waiters.

Boulogne sur mer, a town on the edge of the English Channel, lies opposite the English coast. Coveted for the conquest of new horizons by Julius Caesar and Napoleon I, it is today a seaside resort well known for its Nausicáa aquarium, considered to be the largest in Europe.

Dunkirk, end of stage. Party town with its famous carnival with a unique atmosphere, it is also one of the largest ports in France. During its history, the city changed its nationality 3 times before becoming French in 1662.

A lot to say about this region and also a lot of clubs padel to visit. They are 14 to offer you their tracks, 52 in number. If, however, clubs and tracks were missing from this list, do not hesitate to let us know at contact

  • Multiball d´Amiens offers several sports including foot5, badminton, squash, table tennis and 1 tennis court. padel indoor.

Contact : 03 22 44 88 32. More info here.

  • TCAM is “the” tennis club of the city of Amiens. A club that offers a total of 9 tennis courts and 3 padel indoor.

Contact : 03 22 44 53 04. More info here. 

  • Team5 offers its customers several activities such as foot5, archery game, bubble foot or padel with its 2 indoor tracks.

Contact : 03 75 14 01 30. More info here.

  • Tennis Padel Denain Club is a municipal tennis and padel. In addition to offering a fitness room, this club offers 2 padel indoors and heated.

Contact : 06 88 35 07 99. More info here.

  • 4Padel Valenciennes is part of the chain of clubs of the same name. A center that offers foot5 but also a fitness area or a relaxation place to admire the game produced on the 6 indoor tracks.

Contact : 03 27 00 00 00. More info here.

  • The S´Match is a multi-sports complex in the town of Béthune, which offers football, squash and padel with its 3 indoor tracks.

Contact : 03 21 61 72 17. More info here.

  • South of Lille, Padel Attitude in Lesquin is a pioneer of padel in the region and the largest center padel from the northern region. This club offers 10 tracks including 9 indoor.

Contact : 03 20 90 61 85. More info here.

  • Urban Soccer Lille is located in Lézennes, to the east of the city, and offers in addition to foot5, 4 padel indoors.

Contact : 03 20 91 11 11. More info here.

  • The Shaft is located in Lille. Basically a badminton club, this club is diversifying to offer padel with 3 indoor tracks.

Contact : 03 20 22 18 01. More info here.

  • El Padel Wambrechies Club, certainly  the most Spanish club of the Hauts de France. Close to the Belgian border, this club in addition to its 6 padel, offers 2 seminar rooms, a bistro and a bodega.

Contact : 03 20 55 91 14. More info here.

  • The Touquet tennis center is a high quality sports center where a large number of athletes come to train. 33 tennis courts, 1 heated swimming pool, 1 weight room, 1 restaurant and 2 padel exterior.

Contact : 03 21 05 02 97. More info here.

  •  4Padel Dunkirk is the brand's second center in the northern region. Located in the south of the city, this club offers 4 ski runs padel indoors.

Contact : 06 62 34 01 74. More info here.

  • We can say that the municipal club of TSB Dunkirk is in the far north. It is the northernmost club on our map. In this place you can play tennis, squash, badminton and padel on the 2 indoor tracks.

Contact : 09 51 59 19 53. More info here.


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