Monaco, 11 August 2015


In Monaco, a traditionally sports-oriented country, everything is ready for one of the big events of the padel season, the Monte Carlo Padel Master, which will take place 8 at 13 September. A tournament that will mark a turning point in the history of the padel in Monaco and France, as pointed out by the sports director of the competition, Nito Brea.

For the first time a stage of the padel world championship will take place in Monaco, in line with the objectives of the World Padel Tour (WPT) to bring the sport to all corners of the planet.

Thanks to the efforts of the Monte-Carlo International Sport company, organizer of the most glamorous step of the WPT, the best players of the world will attend the emblematic Chapiteau de Fontvieille, a multidisciplinary space that will be specially prepared for the occasion. Thus, two courts will be installed, one inside to play the matches of the tournament, for a PRO-AM and for a female exhibition, and another outside, to serve as a warm-up track for the players and for different activities.

Fabrice Pastor, CEO and promoter of Monte-Carlo International Sports, is at the origin of this major project. Entrepreneur and padel player for years, he is committed to contribute to the development of this sport in the Principality of Monaco and in the world. Among the actions put in motion by Monte-Carlo International Sports: the sponsorship of the best player of all time Juan-Martin Diaz, Maxi Sánchez, Juani Mieres and the couple Andrés Britos-Elías Estrella, but also Marta Ortega and the young couple Delfina Brea-Aranzazu Osoro; the opening of a padel club on the Côte d'Azur and support for the women's paddle.

Without a doubt, the Monte-Carlo Padel Master will be one of the biggest events of the year and a unique opportunity for all padel friends who will be able to enjoy a sporting spectacle in a beautiful city. Tickets are already on sale on the World Padel Tour or on the event website


The deadline for registration for Monte-Carlo Padel Master for local players ends Tuesday, August 25, at 19 p.m. All other participants must register on the official website of the World Padel Tour and the deadline ends on Monday 24 August at midnight.

- preliminary phases of the tournament for local players will take place on the weekend of 5 at 7 September au Real Padel Sophia Antipolis Club.

The four couples qualified in this phase will face the four couples who will travel from Spain to access the main frame. The phases will be played in Spain from August 28 to 30 in the courts of the Madrid Federation of Padel.

Local couples who wish to participate must complete this online form and send it back by mail to before 19 h on Tuesday 25 August.

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.