More and more new fans of padel join us, and the padel has a very specific vocabulary. Here is the opportunity to create the first dictionary of padel !


  • "Bandeja" : the bandeja is a specific move of the padel. From the Spanish word “plateau”, this shot consists of hitting a high ball in a cut way.
  • Counter-window or “contrapared” in Spanish: it is the fact of using a window to return the ball to the opposing camp.
  • “Dormilona” : this is a drop shot made when recovering from a smash after the glass
  • Fridge : “put in the fridge”. We identify the best player of a pair and we make sure that he touches as few balls as possible.
  • Hook : shot between the bandeja and the smash, which consists of hitting the ball in the form of a “hook” in a fairly slow way
  • Grip or Overgrip: strip of specific fabric placed on the handle of the pala to absorb perspiration and increase the grip and the thickness of the handle.


  • Par 3: bounce the ball into the opponent's court and bring it out of the track above the side gates (3 meters high).
  • Par 4: same as par 3 but above the grids at the bottom of the track (4 meters high)
  • Pala: the pala is the name of the racket of padel in Spanish. This term is also used in France.
  • Paletero: name of the bag used by players of padel.
  • Punto de oro: at 40-40 the receivers decide on the service side. The winners of the Punto de oro win the game.


  • Rulo : it is a “gancho” or “smash” lifted in the direction of the grille or the side window
  • Smash : a smash is a blow made above the player's head. Similar to the serve in tennis, it can be hit very hard or used with spin.
  • Out of window: it is the fact of hitting the ball after its rebound on one of the windows.
  • Exit by 3: this is perhaps the most spectacular shot of the padel. When the opponent makes a par 3, it is possible to anticipate and go out the door to catch this ball. Here, two possibilities: put the ball back over the fence so that the point continues, or try the winning shot by putting the ball back through the door, and if possible directly into the opposing net.
  • Toss: toss before the match to decide which team will serve first, return, or who will choose the side. The toss can be done heads or tails or at the choice of the players.
  • Vibora : the vibora is also a specific move of the padel. From the Spanish “viper”, the Víbora is a kind of Bandeja, but more aggressive, with a brush effect, so that the ball goes to die in the corner
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