Even more so now that all the French have left the door, the Betclic public Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 has a real favorite: Fernando Belasteguin!

The legendary 45-year-old player, after nearly thirty years at the highest level, will bow out at the end of the season. The one who spent sixteen consecutive years at the top of the padel world is in a way in a kind of farewell tour, and the public wants to make the most of the last months at the highest level of the native of Pehuajo.

We see this very clearly in Bordeaux: many fans are hoping for a victory for the 1st seed in this Gironde P2. Already at the start of the tournament, we saw, in the absence of the four best pairs in the world, an opportunity for Bela to add a title to his incredible record. But there, with the defeats of four of eight seeds, we say to ourselves that this is really the time or never for the “Boss”.

But before speculating, we will have to win a big match this afternoon. Indeed, Bela and Tello face Javi Leal and Lucas Campagnolo in the round of 16.

In your opinion, will the Argentinians claim the title in Gironde?

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