Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez come to our microphone just after their victory in the final of Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 against Ortega / Virseda.

A lot of emotions

Gemma Triay : “We are very happy. We are in the middle of a very good period, with two tournaments won consecutively. The feelings are very good, we are full of confidence and ready to fight for the next events. The work pays!”

Claudia fernandez (visibly very emotional): “I can’t speak, I’m sorry…”

Pair changes

Gem : “Partner changes have become very common, the first times it feels strange because you are leaving a person you know very well, with whom you have spent a lot of time. With Marta Ortega we had won tournaments, so it’s never easy but I think you have to get used to it because there will always be changes in pairs.”

“It was a match that could have been emotionally difficult, Marta is my former teammate and sometimes that can affect you a little…”

The slack in the second set

Gem : “In the second set we led 4/0 while playing very well, we found solutions, the level rose on our side at the start of this round, but behind us we decreased in intensity, we made mistakes... It happens to have a moment of slack when you think everything is under control. The opponents, who have nothing left to lose, begin to let go and come back to score. It’s in these moments that you have to put in more intensity, move your legs, play with more determination and go for victory rather than waiting for others to make mistakes…”

Fernandez / Triay Bordeaux premier padel 2024

A pair that works

Caudia : “Last year I made eighths, a few quarters but very few, so I really didn't imagine having the results I have today. I was lucky, no, not lucky (Gemma takes it back), it's thanks to God (laughs), well... Gemma called me, she's a number 1, and thanks to all the work that we provide, the results are there.”

Gem : “I think our styles are very complementary, she maneuvers the game very well from defense, she can play hard, in front, slow… so that allows me to be calm and stay in my comfort zone and stay to the net. She also brings me calm, even if of course in hot moments it is I who must reassure her. So basically I have to bring winning shots, aggression, and calmness in important moments. We have well-defined roles, everyone does their job, and it's when we stray a little from the strategy that we have to change things to get back to basics. (…) I believe that our games complement each other perfectly.”

Age difference, a problem?

Gem : “I think we get along very well off the track.”

Claudia : “I don’t like him!” (laughs)

Gem : “We try to have fun. We're coming off a three-week tour of South America where it's sometimes a little dangerous to walk around town, so we were playing board games, watching TV padel together… We were trying to kill some time because we spend a lot of time together (laughs). After these two or three hours of training or matches, you have a whole day to do things…”

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