A very nice project! That of Thomas Mersié and Kevin Cortes, two Toulouse residents who will go to the APT Padel Tour Belgium Open for help the Dreams association.

In Belgium to help the association Rêves

Registered at the APT Padel Tour Belgium Open, which will be held in Liège from April 12 to 18, Thomas Mersié and Kevin Cortes are not traveling just for the pleasure of playing padel. Indeed, they go there with several objectives, including that of helping the association Dreams whose mission since 1994 is to make the dreams of very seriously ill children and adolescents come true. Thus, the two men have already planned to donate the entire prize-money that they will receive to him. They also hope generate donations during this trip.

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But that's not all ! They also want to send a message : in life you should never stop believing it:

“I am a cooking teacher and formerly in morbid obesity, I started the padel to lose weight, it has become a real addiction and now I can not do without it. Thanks to padel I lost 25 kilos and at the end of confinement, with my friend Kevin, we realized a dream: that of playing with a champion! We had the chance to play a match with the French champion Bastien Blanqué who has since become a friend. Everything revolves around dreams in my story and never stop believing in them ! " explains Thomas.

A dream that can be useful to others

His partner Kevin cortes, 30 years old, founder of a real estate decision-making consultancy firm for buyers. is also sensitive to children's dreams: “We wanted to represent an association, and it is true that fulfilling the dream of a child with the disease is something that resonates with both of us.”

For the two friends, who are aware that they will certainly not win the tournament, the essential is elsewhere: “If we can get the association to raise more funds and make more dreams come true, then great! We don't ask for more! If a well-known player on the circuit finds this association interesting, maybe he will be able to give it more importance and who knows, maybe make a little one's dream come true.… We chose Dreams with my partner Kevin because we too are making a dream come true and we wanted it to be useful to others. ”, ends Thomas.

To participate in the association's pot, it is HERE !

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