This is the big day ! This Sunday we will know who will be the first Ultimate champions Padel Tour, for men and women.

At the gentlemen, we logically find on one side Javi Leal and José Diestro. The 2nd seed, despite a small difficult passage at the start of the tournament, has still not lost a single set in Galicia. Yesterday, the Spaniards made short work of their compatriots Barahona and Garcia. Final score 6/3 6/1.

In the other part of the table, it is the pair who suffered the most who will meet in the final this Sunday. Indeed, the Cardona / Javi Ruiz duo will have had to battle on several occasions, but thanks to their impressive solidity in very heated moments, the Spanish pair can still win the title. Yesterday, Pablo and Javi put an end to the dream of Federico Mouriño and Victor Mena: 7/6 6/2.

The updated table:

At the Women, no surprise since we will find, as expected, pairs number 1 and 2 in the final this Sunday. Virginia Riera and Sofia Araujo were able to keep their energy since their opponents Marta Talavan and Lorena Rufo withdrew, following an injury to Talavan.

In the other semi-final, Castello and Jensen dropped their first set on the road against Sharifova and Martinez, but finished with an authoritative 6/0.

All the conditions seem to be in place to offer us a great show this Sunday!

The updated ladies table;

To follow the matches from 10:00 a.m.:

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