Last week the very first tournament in the history of Ultimate was played. Padel Tour, and for a first it was a great success.

When the 2024 calendar is published Premier Padel, Spanish fans showed a little dissatisfaction. Indeed, if with four events on the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investment, Spain remains the most visited country this year, it has still lost nine leading tournaments compared to last season (13 between the WPT and Premier Padel in 2023).

Reassured by the announcements of the FIP, which has already validated FIP Platinum in Valladolid and Menorca, Iberian aficionados welcomed the arrival of the Ultimate Padel Tour with great enthusiasm. This new circuit focused on Spain should offer twelve events this season, to the delight of fans.

UPT La Coruña public 2024

And the premiere of the UPT, which took place in La Coruña just a few weeks after the creation of the circuit, finally convinced everyone. Indeed, between quality installations, free broadcast on YouTube with comments from the sixteenths and high-level players (with members of the Top 10 for women and the Top 30 for men), the public was more than won over. The main protagonists themselves appreciated it, as Teo Zapata told us in an interview.

Now we are impatiently waiting for what comes next. As we told you recently, the next tournament will take place in Leganés, next to Madrid, from March 8 to 16, or just after the Premier Padel Qatar Major. Will there be as many players in the Spanish capital as in Galicia? Will we see high-level athletes again or will they prefer to focus on the official FIP circuit as Jon Sanz explained a few weeks ago? On the contrary, will the fact that many professionals train in Madrid allow us to see even more top players? Lots of questions that we should have answers to very soon. Indeed, registrations for this second tournament in the history of Ultimate Padel Tour ends March 6 at noon!

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