The Big Padel is organizing the biggest P100 ever organized for the back-to-school weekend, with no less than 80 teams expected!

From the P25 to the Fip Rise, including the padel armchair, the club is keen to offer padel for everyone, and in particular through events like this extraordinary P100.

It will take place over 2 days, Saturday August 31 and Sunday September 1, with a party as we like it on Saturday evening.

The tournament is open to women's teams.

A “Big P100” at the Big Padel !

“Welcome pack” and big prize

The 160 players will receive a unique “welcome pack” with:

  • Two t-shirts for each player
  • A beverage
  • An appetite suppressant
  • A goodie Head
  • A -10% promo code Padel References
  • A 15A bag

Prizes are planned to reward players, up to the 24th team in the ranking:

  • 2 HC subscriptions of 6 months (value €600)
  • 2 cards of 10 sessions (value €160)
  • 3 rackets
  • 4 bags of padel
  • 8 sweatshirts padel
  • 12 caps
  • 10 napkins
  • 10 gift boxes
  • 18 bullet tubes Head Pro S
  • 20 bottles of Bordelaise drink

A big raffle for all participants with never-before-seen prizes…

Partners and organization

This event could not see the light of day without the presence of partners who all played the game from the presentation of the project. A huge thank you to them: Head, Padel Reference, 15A, Domaine de Milon, LB Renov'Immo, Plongimage.

At the initiative of the project, Hubert Lacour, official referee of the Big Padel, will masterfully manage the 280 matches of the weekend, with the help of a second JA (Emma Picard) behind second JAP on Saturday so that, as always with Big Padel, the well-being of the players is a priority.

Registrations and Prices

The registration price for the tournament is identical to all the others of the year, namely €25 per player, and still €22,5 for Big licensees. Padel.

Registrations open on July 3 directly on the Big application Padel !