"Passion as fuel"

First, Roland Garros which has helped to offer padel indefatigable wings to develop in France and certainly around the world.

Never in padel history has there been so much foreign media for a sport like this and such a big time (3 weeks). We will certainly remember in a few years these moments when the padel won stripes to become " fashionable sport ».

First, the former French Padel Federation had allowed to host in Toulouse a stage of the padel world championships in 2000. 1er success for the French padel.

Then some clubs like the club of Hers, Paddle Plus (Toulouse), the club of Cassis, Mandelieu and obviously the Set Club (Aix-en-Provence) with its famous international tournament, « have worn the French padel for a great decade As Jean-Marc Lenoir and Béatrice Nicolau, the managers of Set Club and Club de l'Hers, remind us. They were almost alone and the padel rested mainly on them and their passion.

The click then the springboard

Enter the 2012 / 2013 period: a " click " to the eyes " ancient As explained in the middle. Suddenly, this little-known sport was becoming fashionable with the development of a number of padel clubs like that of Sophia (Real Padel), Perpignan (Le Club du Mas), Laval (Padel Park), the Soccer Park including that of Champigny ...

The rest of the story, we live it. In February 2014, the French Tennis Federation incorporated padel in its statutes. A few months later, the FFT obtained its approval from the Ministry of Sports to represent padel in France. Many clubs are created (Central Padel In Lyon, Padel attitude and Padel Sensation, the two big clubs in Lille ...), Henri Leconte is embarking on the construction of padel courts (editor's note, Henri Leconte Padel Club)…

May / June 2015: it is certainly the starting point of an adventure which is only beginning with this field of padel with Roland Garros, but also that of the Sporting in La Baule during the world championships veterans of tennis.

Between the launch of the regional phases for the French padel championship, the stage of World Padel Tour which will take place in early September in Monaco and finally the National circuit Padel Cup which begins soon for an explosive final phase at Cap d'Agde at the end of October (Along with the National tennis Cup), everything is green for this sport to go very far.

To know the agenda of the French padel: https://padelmagazine.fr/calendrier-padel/

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.