A successful first P500 for The Monkey club Padel

The Monkey Padel organized the first P500 in the Pays Salonais.

In the middle of nature at the foot of the Pélissanne hill, the club knows how to welcome players as it should with its 4 outdoor tracks and its club house. Breakfast offered to the players before starting this P500, all left thanking the organizers for the setting and their welcome.

For this event, many players among the 100 best in France competed over two days. Starting with Maxime Moreau French N°5, Baptiste Hayet N°82, Aurélien Grandmont N°86 and Julien Lacroix N°90 and many others in the top 200.

Maxime Moreau

It was necessary to provide the necessary before facing intense conditions: caps, glasses, water and salt for cramps. The 1/4 finals started at 9 a.m. for a start of the final at 13:30 p.m., as much to tell you that it was trying. Aurélien Grandmont and Julien Lacroix won the tournament in pain against the pair Gabbanini Théo / Navarro Lucas. The public was there to enjoy the matches and talk to the players between two matches.

Anthony Delbarre – Club Director:
« It was an intense week, we wanted to welcome our players properly and make this P500 a success, especially since this is the first time that such a tournament has been organized around Salon de Provence.
We all enjoyed seeing the players evolve on our courts and they also enjoyed it in return, according to their congratulations and thanks. We are a young club open since October 2021, we are delighted with our development and the good reputation that is being built day after day, this P500 was the major event of our first successful year. Thanks again to all the players present.

Published by
Sebastien Carrasco