From June 9, the Betclic qualifications Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 will begin. A tournament that promises to be unlike any other for French players.

We have seen it since the start of the season, the French have struggled on the Premier Padel. Indeed, apart from Alix Collombon, who automatically enters the main draws of the official FIP circuit, the other players do not usually pass the qualifications. And to be able to participate in these previous, they must already have enough points!

Thus, at Santiago P1 whose main draw has just started, there were seven French players in qualifying, and in the end there will only be one player in the final draw: Alix Collombon…

But in Bordeaux, since the competition is played in France and the organizers favor the members of the French delegation when awarding the wild-cards (and several pairs decided to skip the tournament), not less than sixteen French people will be able to participate in the event, and six will enter directly into the main draw, with the other ten taking part in the qualifications.

It is therefore a golden opportunity for all these players to participate in a tournament on the most competitive circuit in the world and to possibly be able to compete against top players. In addition, they will be able to score valuable points for the ranking and play in front of their sponsors, their family, their friends...

It is therefore clearly a competition not to be missed for all fans of padel French!

As a reminder, the French players who will be present in Gironde:


Thomas Leygue (WC painting with Aris Patiniotis)

Dylan Guichard / Bastien Blanked (WC table)

Max Moreau / Johan Bergeron (qualifications)

Jeremy Scatena / Manual Vives (qualifications)

Julien Seurin / Adrien Maigret (WC qualifications)

Thomas Vanbauce / Maxim Joris (WC qualifications)


Alix Colombon (main draw with Julieta Bidahorria)

Jessica ginier /Carla Toully (WC table)

Lea Godallier / Charlotte Soubrié (qualifications)

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