Padel Magazine - The Saint Lucia International Open tournament combines several ingredients which makes it particularly attractive.

The organizers have managed to transform the absence of the world's undisputed world numbers still undefeated since 30 consecutive games in positive.

If Dias and Bela are no longer there to sweep away all the competitors with one stroke of their rackets, who can win this WPT?

This is the question, we could of course talk about the world number two namely Lima and Mires, but nothing less sure.

This expectation makes that since Tuesday, we observe a particular craze. The public is very curious to know the winners of this tournament.

You have understood, The absence of Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguin has given impetus to other pairs as well as to the public.

What a pity to see the numbers in front of everyone ... Too much ahead, killing the suspense.

The great consistency of Juani Mieres and Pablo Lima make them the favorites, but there are very serious candidates for this Canary Islands crown such as Cristian Gutierrez and Matías Díaz, Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez, or Maxi Grabiel and Miguel Lamperti who are trying to reach a final this season.

For the moment it is Jordi and Aday who illustrate themselves by winning their match, pushed by a very hot public. For Spanish speakers, here is a nice little video on these two players:

Little surprise, Willy Lahoz and Gonzalo Rubio managed to join the group of the eight best players of the tournament.

It's starting to be a habit, and one wonders why they are not more often in the top 8 ... let's remember this big win against Gomez Silingo and Quiles ... Lahoz and Rubio have set the table by defeating Angel Ruiz and Ruben Rivera 7 / 5 6 / 4. The road for the halves seems very complicated since the next round, they will meet the 3 numbers worldwide (2e top seed of the tournament) Cristian Gutierrez and Matías Díaz.

More than 1500 people attended the matches in this Sports Pavilion in Saint Lucia to attend the second round of the Grand Canaria Open. But above all, of course, the public encouraged the two local representatives, Jordi Munoz and Aday Santana, who had varying fortunes.

While Paquito Navarro and Jordi Munoz managed to reach the quarter-finals, Aday Santana and Marcelo Jardim failed to block the route of the “Princes”, Juani Mieres and Pablo Lima by taking 6/2 6/2.

Jordi and Paquito flew over the game against Germán Tamame and Alvaro Cepero by beating them with a severe double 6 / 1.

“The match of the day” stars Miguel Lamperti and Maxi Grabiel opposed to Paquito Navarro and Jordi Muñoz.

The first match of the day will see Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez Gaby Reca y Sebastián Nerone. Finally we will see a nice confrontation between Juani Mieres and Pablo Lima in Adrián Allemandi y Fernando Poggi.

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Franck Binisti

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