Le padel is the booming sport in the world, and all industries have understood this. The proof with this SmartWatch which also adapts to the activity padel. If we usually say that the shovel, shoes, Balles and other accessories such as overgrips are essential elements of the player's kit. padel, at the rate things are going, the same could well be true of watches in the future!

Imagine you are on a track, and your watch tells you that you tend to stay too often at the back of the court, or conversely that you camp at the net and never come back to defend.

This model can also tell you, for example, if you tend to stay on your side too much and offer too much centering to your partner. So here is a watch that could help you position yourself better and therefore potentially play better.

Beyond placement, it will also allow you to work on your physique and know how many kilometers you have covered during your game. Be careful, those who don't move will be caught in the act!

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