La end of the rumor regarding the separation between Lebron and Galan could resolve a lot of things in the padel .

The first thing we are now certain of is that Fede Chingotto will not start next season with Ale Galan. We also understand that Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz are expected to continue in 2024, with the left-hander explaining that it all depends on what Ale and Juan do next year. On the other hand, what we do not yet know is with whom Chingotto will now evolve.

According to several sources, Momo Gonzalez could be the new teammate of “Super Raton”. After finishing the season in ninth place on the World Padel Tour, the native of Antequera confirmed that he is part of the world's elite.

If he doesn't have the profile decisive that Paquito Navarro spoke of, he remains an outstanding defender and he and Chingotto should give headaches to many pairs. Indeed, we will have to fight to make winning shots against a pair capable of defending all or almost all the balls.

But for the moment, Momo has not announced the end of his stage with Garrido, nor his return to the left... It is therefore difficult to know even if on paper an association between the seventh and ninth player of the year on the WPT would obviously be interesting.

So in your opinion, will the two players team up next season?

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