There's no stopping the new number 1 of A1 Padel. After having won his fourth title yesterday with Tolito Aguirre on the Fabrice Pastor circuit, the Argentinian now wins his very first match on the Premier Padel.

Aligned on the Italy Major with Raul Marco, Gonzalo Alfonso starts this week as he ended the previous one: with a victory in two sets.

For their entry into the running in Rome, the Argentinian and the Spaniard disposed of the Italian-Argentinian pair Cassetta / Demian Cuello (WC) without too much difficulty: 6/4 6/3 in 1h16.

Thursday, it's against the winners of the match between Bergamini / V.Ruiz and the pair from the previas Martinez / Castillo.

After being beaten in the first round of the Mar Del Plata P1 with his usual partner Tolito Aguirre, Gonzalo therefore won the first success of his career on the Premier Padel. Will Tolito be able to do the same tomorrow with Gonzalo Rubio against Hernandez / Ramirez?

To follow the rest of the matches in Italy this Monday:

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