We are clearly getting to the heart of the matter in La Coruña where the quarter-finals of the first tournament in the history of Ultimate Padel Tour has just ended.

Among the men, among the first four seeds, only Javi Leal and José Diestro are still there. The Spaniards, in great form this Friday, made short work of Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga. They will find Javi Barahona and Javi Garcia who ended the dream of Tolito and Gonzalo Alfonso.

In the upper part of the table, we find the 6th seed, Ruiz / Cardona, who has a series of marathon matches and will have to recover well to be able to fully play his luck this Saturday. Facing her we will find Victor Mena and Fede Mouriño, the surprise pair of this part of the picture.

Among the girls, as expected, the two favorite pairs have still not been worried. In difficulty this Friday, the 3 seed Talavan / Rufo will still be there in the last four. The little surprise of the day comes from Ksenia Sharifova and Lucia Martinez (TS6), who beat Carolina Navarro and Marina Guinart (TS4).

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