If for the moment the stars of padel world prefer to skip Ultimate tournaments Padel Tour, this circuit centered on Spain still manages to attract very good players, who particularly want to build up their confidence.

Problem is, it's not working too well at the moment in Leganés. Indeed, while the favorites had won their first matches without forcing too much, we are witnessing a small massacre this Wednesday: no less than six seeds have already left since this morning.

At the Women, these are the pairs Las Heras / Iglesias (Ts2), Orsi / Lobo (Ts6) and Bidahorria / Collombon (ts8) who have packed their bags.

At the gentlemen, the duos Leal / Diestro (Ts2), Goenaga / Zapata (Ts7) and Barahona / Garcia (Ts8) say goodbye to the competition.

For the two seeded 2, this is quite worrying because these eliminations come after a very delicate start to the season. We will therefore have to quickly get our act together for these two pairs, otherwise it will soon begin to feel like a separation...

All scores here.

The matches continue this afternoon in the Madrid suburbs, with more beautiful posters. Will we be entitled to new surprises?

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