Maxime Joris and Thomas Vanbauce, look back on their defeat against Cassetta / Cuello at P2 in Bordeaux, talk about the rest of the season and discuss a possible selection for the French team.

Hold on to the positive

Maxime Joris : “We were discussing it on the way with Tom: we are obviously very proud of ourselves, but also very disappointed at the opportunities we may have missed. We will try to digest this very quickly and try to make the most of this performance because we don't have this chance every day to play on a field like that and in front of such people. 

Thomas Vanbauce : “We missed the boat a little in the first, I think we are better than them, we really hold our service games and we put pressure on them and it’s true that at 5/3, we rush a bit, we make two foul volleys which put them back in and we give them the game. It's the same thing at the start of the second. We play these teams and in fact, we manage to make the match depend on us and that's what is positive for the future. Three months ago, we didn't even play teams of this level. And today, I think we are at their level and it didn't come down to much. Indeed, we would have liked to bring them in a third set.


Maxime Joris : “I had Dylan Guichard who played Cassetta in Monaco and who guided me a little. But we knew both players a little, so we knew where to direct the game and how to approach the match. Afterwards, it's certain that during the match it can change, the guys can have another tactic too. We have to adapt and try to refine the points that went wrong a little to try to win this kind of match or at least go three sets and win the first set.”

The program for the future

Maxime Joris : “There is no change of partner planned, but I am going to try to do the FIP Rise in Italy on the weekend of June 23. I don't have a partner yet because Tom isn't here. And the weekend of the 30th, it will depend on whether he makes the Regional Championships or not, but I think he left to play with Dorian De Meyer, so I will have to find a partner too to do the FIP Gold of Valladolid.”

Thomas Vanbauce : “Basically me, I am not available the weekend of 22-23 to go International so effectively, he has to do the FIP Rise in Italy with someone else. On the other hand, the following week there is indeed a Gold in Valladolid so I think we will try to register to do it because we risk being in qualifications. At least we're going to play big matches and it's important for us to ride this wave a little and play these kinds of teams, but actually, I have the Regional Championships on 29-30.”

Public support

Maxime Joris : “Honestly, it was completely crazy to play in front of so many people. I think we don't have this chance every day to play in front of so many people. And then the support we had throughout the match, even when we were at the bottom of the bucket at the start of the second. They were the ones who pushed us to try to come back. And thanks to them, we have a little glimmer of hope. So thank you everyone, thank you to everyone who was on Live, who supported us from the first to the last point. I hope we make you proud later.  

We only want to push. We were talking about it exactly with Tom in the locker room, we can't have everything right away. Already the journey we have had for three months is still very good and very positive. We shouldn't see the negative, we've been playing together for very little time, we've still achieved very satisfactory results so we'll continue, we'll train like crazy every day and then we'll see what happens. it follows later.”

The french team

Thomas Vanbauce : “So it's true, at the start of the season, you asked me the question and my objectives, they were very clear, but it was mainly for the World Championships because I thought that for the World Championships Europe, I wasn't going to be able to knock on the door, as you very well said, this early. But it's true that the level is so tight internationally anyway, and even in France. With these results, we gain confidence, we play well, I feel good on the pitch so in fact I think there is a knock on the door and I will be in front of my phone on Friday if I understand correctly to have the list.

We don't have any more information than that, we know we're in the small papers. Now, we are doing everything to ensure that we are selected and then truly become part of this French team. And in any case, it’s the long-term goal to wear the colors.”

A non-selection? Not an end in itself

Thomas Vanbauce : “In fact, it is a basic objective. The objectives at the start of the season were validated very quickly so a new objective was added along the way. But I am not losing the final objective of the season which is still these World Championships. If I am not selected for the European Championships, it is not an end in itself, I will continue to work because I know that I am not far from the French team and that the objective will be to be there in this case for the World Championships.” 

Maxime Joris : “I admit that when I started the year, I was just starting out internationally, so I was really very far from this French team. I performed quite well at the course and then with Tom, the results we got spoke for themselves.

After me, I have the objective of joining the French team, but my entourage, my coaches, Ben, Pablo etc. told me that I was still young, so if I am selected, it's only positive and if I'm not, it's not for right away and it will be later. Frankly, it won't be an end in itself. I know that I work every day to be there, so if it’s not tomorrow, it will be later.”

Dorian Massy

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