Vanessa Hermant, director of Padel City Marconne (62), shares the progress made by the club which is celebrating its first year. She reveals to us the expansion projects with the addition of a new track padel and the introduction of pickleball, as well as the diverse evolution of their clientele.

A major challenge…

“The biggest development this year was the filling of the slopes. Initially, we faced a major challenge because we are located in a region where the demand for padel was very weak. There was no infrastructure padel within a 30 kilometer radius, which meant that the sport was very little known in our area.

Our first mission was to discover the padel to the inhabitants of the region. We have held open days and events to generate interest and awareness of the sport. From the first year, we organized tournaments to attract players. Initially, we were authorized to organize 25 tournaments, and this year, thanks to the increase in the number of licensees, we were able to organize 35.

Padel City Marconne

We also hired a professor of padel full time. He obtained his Referee certificate from padel level 1, which allows him to referee official matches and ensure the smooth running of our tournaments. We also use social networks to promote our events and share videos and photos of club activities. All these initiatives have helped attract more and more people to our club. We are very proud of the progress made.

Being a private club, it is more difficult for us to attract a large number of licensees, but we currently have around 90. This is already a good number, especially considering the fact that we do not have courts tennis: our offer is exclusively dedicated to padel. "

A new covered track coming soon

“Currently, we have three tracks, two semi-covered, which allows you to play even in bad weather, and one entirely outdoors. We have a project underway to add a fourth runway, which should be operational very soon.

This new track will be exclusively dedicated to the school of padel of the region, which will allow us to meet the growing demand for training. We also want to offer an infrastructure that allows you to play comfortably in winter, hence the idea of ​​a completely covered track.”

Padel city ​​Marconne

Introduction to pickleball

“We have other ambitions for the club beyond adding a fourth track. We are already considering expanding our offering with pickleball. Although demand for the sport is currently low because few people know about it, pickleball is growing rapidly in the United States and other countries.”

A diverse clientele

“Our clientele is quite diverse. Around a quarter of our members come from racquet sports such as tennis, squash or badminton. This is not surprising, because these athletes often find in the padel a new passion that combines elements of their original disciplines.

Padel city ​​Marconne

However, what is particularly interesting is that 50% of our members are footballers, and that includes both young and old. This is perhaps because of the friendly and dynamic aspect of the padel which recalls the team spirit and competition of football. The rest of our clientele is made up of families and tourists.”

Padel Growing city

“Currently we are hosting a variety of tournaments including P25, P100, Mixed P100 and P250. This allows us to reach a wide audience and offer competitions adapted to different levels of play. We also do a lot of tournaments. padel-armchair. We are considering organizing P500 tournaments, it is part of our growth vision, but it is not for now.

I am very optimistic about the future of padel here. We are on a strong growth trajectory and I think this trend will continue in the years to come. What can sometimes worry me is when I read articles in Padel Magazine announcing the closure of certain clubs. It reminds me that even with good management, unforeseen events can arise…”

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.