The 21st player in the ranking of World Padel Tour, Veronica Virseda, has decided to engage with Varlion.

It's official, Veronica Virseda decided to engage with Varlion ! A great addition for this brand which already has many talented elements, such as Juan Cruz Belluati, Miguel Yanguas, Barbara Las Heras, or the Frenchman Jérémy Scatena!

Varlion Summum Maxima Prisma Veronica Virseda


If we believe the photo, we should see the 21st player in the world evolving with the Maxima Summum Prism, a hybrid-shaped pala, maneuverable and powerful, which seems to suit its aggressive playing. A racquet that stands out for all the innovations it embeds, such as Slice technology, for maximum spin. As always with Varlion, the pala is available in summer or winter version.

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