Ale Galan is at the top of his game: with six finals in the last six tournaments, and already four titles in 2024, the Madrilenian is in great form, and he proved it again yesterday during the victory against Di Nenno and Stupaczuk . Not content with dominating the 4 seed head and shoulders, with a success 6/3 6/2 in 1h05, Galan and Chingotto went so far as to disgust their opponents at times. The proof with this stroke of genius from Ale.

While Stupaczuk thinks he can get the Par 3 ball out after a non-definitive smash from Chingotto, Galan achieves a feat with a new kind of “pinwheel“. Stunned, Franco and Martin could only congratulate their opponent's gesture...

To see the point, it's just below (at 5 minutes 45):

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