We witnessed a rather hot tie-break yesterday in Rome in the second set of the round of 7 between Momo Gonzalez / Alex Ruiz and Alex Chozas / Lucho Capra (5/7 6/XNUMX).

While they served to return to a set all at 6/5 in the second set, Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas saw their opponents come back and grab the tie-break.

A decisive game which started with a contentious point, a service from Alex Ruiz that Capra saw long but not the referee. Thus, the chair judge gave the point to Gonzalez / Ruiz since Lucho had stopped the game. The Argentinian tried to argue, but there was nothing to do.

Later, at 4/3, another service presented a problem. For Momo Gonzalez, his teammate's commitment had hit the edge of the net, but Capra was not convinced. And while the looks with the referee were exchanged (the point was finally given to Chozas / Capra), a “supporter”, who according to sources present on site, would be none other than the agent of Alex Chozas, Facundo Guzzeti, verbally attacked Momo. Very calm in nature, the native of Antequera became quite annoyed, and behind him he celebrated the following three points, synonymous with victory, with strength and aggression!

Chozas and Capra will remember their last game together !

For those who would like to rewatch the tie-break in its entirety, it is here.

In any case, we had never seen Gonzalez get angry like that. And you ?

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