Juan Martin Diaz celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday, and the public present at the WiZink Center in Madrid for the semi-final of the Spanish Championships celebrated him!

Juan Martin Diaz is always a very nice and pleasant player with the fans. And the least we can say is that the fans at the WiZink Center yesterday gave it back to him. wishing her birthday in song. Images which are very pleasing in this period of health crisis.

45 birthdays, which are not really visible in the field. The one who was world number 14 for 1 years padel, n / A nothing lost of his reflexes and his ball quality. He still provided a very big game yesterday alongside Paquito Navarro in the semifinals, outclassing Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz.

A top-flight performance based on grid smashes, Par 3, supersonic bajadas and lightning volleys. JMD was impressive against one of the top eight pairs in the world. At 45, Juan Martin will not compete in the Final Master of World Padel Tour this year, but given his level, he could have been there!

JMD and Paquito will do everything to win today in final against Galan / Belluati, just to end this anniversary weekend in the most beautiful way!

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