The Melendez brothers, beneficiaries of a wild-card for the Premier Padel Sevilla P2, put up a good resistance against Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas. Beaten in two sets by the smallest of margins (7/6 7/6), the Spaniards were not far from create a sensation, like the other pair invited to the gentlemen's.

Alvaro and Pedro can always console themselves by saying that a point from their match will make the rounds on the internet this week. A totally crazy exchange which shows to what extent the padel can be a spectacular and unpredictable sport.

After executing a very good serve on Alvaro Melendez, Lucho Capra takes advantage of a return a little too high to send a slammed forehand volley, a “chancletazo” as they say in the jargon. But against all odds, his opponent, with his back to the game and pretending to protect himself, puts the ball back in direct and sends it towards Capra's feet. The Argentinian, with a superb reflex, performs an incredible retro volley which leaves everyone speechless. But his opponent, after a delay, lets go and manages to put the ball back in play thanks to an exceptional sprint. Unfortunately for him, he arrived a little too late and offered a penalty to Capra who concluded with a backhand cut diagonally deserted by Pedro Melendez, who had tried to come to his brother's aid...

You will notice that Alex Chozas, who remained a spectator of this totally crazy exchange, did not seem to really understand what was happening!

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