Fifth day of competition in Cordoba and the favorite pairs did the job.

Indeed during these 1 / 8th finals we finally had only one surprise!

C'est bien sûr LA good news of the day, let's remember it, the qualification of Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello in the quarter-finals.

This is the first time that the Frenchwoman and Jessica Castello will enter this phase of the tournament together during an Open.

Favorites as a boss

If there are two pairs that we had under control, it is first of all the one composed by Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia. The Argentine pair opened the day by winning a match in 3 sets against Ramiro Moyano and Juan Cruz Belluati (6-2 / 3-6 / 6-3).

For the moment alchemy seems to operate between the two phenomena but tomorrow an important meeting awaits them.
They will see themselves face off against their ex-teammate, Fernando Belasteguin. Associated with Spanish Arturo Coello, the “King Bela” will have to give everything to win his entry ticket for the 1/4 after a victory this Thursday against Miguel Semmler and Sergio Alba 6-1 / 6-2.

For the other pairs it's the same story, the numbers 1 walked around facing the Miguel (Lamperti - Yangias) 6-3 6-1.

Qualification also for Paquito Navarro - Martin Di Nenno face Javier Rico and Momo Gonzalez 7-5 / 6-4.

We will therefore find tomorrow the 8 seeds for the quarter-finals.

On the ladies side, same song

Some pairs were intractable this Thursday, so that some games have turned to correction.

Delfina Brea and Tamara Icardo came, saw and conquered. Poor people Raquel Piltcher and Noa Canovas could not do anything against the Spanish-Argentine pair. One-way match 6-0 / 6-0.

With the same style Patricia Llaguno and Virginia Riera have overcome their rivals of the day, Sofia Saiz - Marina Martinez 6-0 / 6-3.

In the end, there will be 7 seeds, accompanied by the Castello / Collombon pair that we will find tomorrow in the quarterfinals.

Find this Friday the 1/4 finals live on the page WPT Youtube


Sebastien Carrasco

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