Alors que le World Padel Tour Marbella Challenger has just ended with the coronation of Victoria Iglesias, Aranzazu Osoro and Momo Gonzalez - Javier Rico, Sunday began at the same time the Open of Las Rosas.

A tournament in which Fernando Belasteguin et son partenaire Sanyo Gutierrez will try to win their 4th tournament this season, just like Juan lebron et Alejandro galan… Beaten by the Argentines in the final in Valencia, the numbers 1 will come back with a knife between their teeth.

In the meantime, Bela is making the headlines. Perfectly recovered from his calf injury, the 42-year-old has proven once again that time has no hold on him. In the final, he applied the recipes that have worked for more than 20 years now, to the delight of the fans. We know that Fernando Belasteguin is not eternal, but when we see him at this level we can not help thinking that he still has a few good years ahead of him!


Video Credits: Web page World Padel Tour

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