Carlos Daniel Gutierrez, also known by the nickname Sanyo, el Mago de San Luis.

Exceptional player that we no longer present. Installed for several years in the world top, it currently occupies the 4th place in the ranking World Padel Tour.

World number 1 in 2019 alongside his lifelong friend Maxi Sanchez and today associated with the legend of Pehuajo, Fernando Belasteguin, he sublimates the matches by his technique and his strokes of genius.

Considered the best drive, Sanyo has a very offensive game and concludes a lot of points, with a lot of style.

A player who masters all the shots of the padel and has been delighting us since several years already.

During the last World Padel Tour Valencia Open he had impressed with a real stroke of genius.

The WPT wanted to celebrate this true legend with a “best-of” of more than 5 minutes:

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