This weekend was held various tournaments P500 throughout France including the Volvo Padel Open in the beautiful setting of the Tennis Club La Pape in the Lyon region.

After a weekend of sunny paddle, the tournament ended with the win of the pair Audrey Casanova, Mai Vo in women and Benjamin Joulot and Norman Sanchez in men.

Top players at the rendezvous

The plateau of the women's tournament of this P500 was extremely high. No less than three members of the top French 10 were present in the person of Jessica Ginier, no. 2 French recently, Audrey Casanova, No. 1 and Mai Vo, No. 7 French.

It is also the pairs Ginier / Fiona Ligi and Casanova / Vo who will be in the final after a course without a hoe for both. It's simple the two pairs have only lost a total of 8 games, 5 for the pair Casanova / Vo and 3 for the pair Ginier / Ligi before ending up for the title of this Volvo Padel Open Women.

Audrey Casanova and Mai Vo finally won the 6-2 6-2 score in this one-way final.

Joulot / Sanchez passes the cap Miotto / Taboni

On the men's side, the table was pretty open with two favorite pairs, David Miotto / Arnaud Taboni in top seed 1 and Benjamin Joulot / Norman Sanchez in top seed 2.

The logic will be respected during this tournament since these two pairs were in the final after a rather quiet course without having lost any set.

Finally, it is the two friends of Chassieu (Joulot / Sanchez) who win in a final they have mastered end to end. They win thanks to this victory their second P500 of the season after that of Clermont-Ferrand last February.

Joulot / Sanchez wins the Open Hyandai - Hpark


Congratulations to all the organizing team of the tournament for this great weekend padel. Special mention to Raymond Deblangey, the referee who will be found at the end of August on these same courts for the P1000 Head Padel Open.

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