Le padel is a growing sport that attracts more and more practitioners from various backgrounds. Whether you are a squash, tennis, badminton or even Basque pelota player, you should know that each racket sport brings its own set of experiences and specific skills that can influence your choice of pala and your way of playing. In this article, we will explore how backgrounds in these different sports can guide players in choosing their racket padel and their playing orientation.

Differences and similarities between racquet sports and padel


  • Terrain and environment : the padel is played on a smaller court surrounded by walls, unlike tennis or badminton which are played on open courts.
  • Racket and ball : the palas of padel are shorter and without strings, unlike tennis, badminton and squash rackets. The ball of padel is similar to a tennis ball but with slightly lower pressure, which modifies its behavior during rallies.
  • Rules and strategies : the padel emphasizes placement, angles and cooperation with his partner. The tactic is therefore different from other racquet sports, where power and speed may be more predominant.


  • Coordination and reflexes : all these sports require excellent hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and good anticipation of opposing movements.
  • Endurance and agility : Fitness is crucial, whether covering the court in tennis, reacting quickly in badminton, or maneuvering in the tight space of the squash court.
  • Technique and strategy : Although strategies vary, a thorough understanding of hitting techniques, positioning and patterns of play is essential in every sport.

Why start padel when we played another racket sport?

  • Adaptability and novelty : the padel offers a new experience while allowing you to reuse and adapt skills already acquired in other racquet sports. The transition is made easier by the similarities in striking techniques and coordination.
  • Social and fun aspect : the padel is often played in doubles, promoting a much appreciated social and community aspect. It's a great way to meet new people while staying active.
  • Accessibility : the padel is easier for beginners to master than some other racquet sports. Exchanges are longer, and the learning curve is less steep, which can be motivating for new players.
  • Diversity of gaming environments : the possibility of using the walls and the smaller field offer a new strategic and fun dimension which can be very enriching for players coming from other sports.

Racquet recommendation based on the type of player and sport practiced

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The PalaMatch: find the ideal racket

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Each racquet sport offers unique skills and abilities that can be adapted to the padel. Whether you come from tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis or Basque pelota, you need to understand how your experience influences your playing style and how your choice of pala can help you improve your performance on the court. padel.

At Padel References, we are here to advise you and guide you in choosing the ideal pala according to your sporting background and your personal preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice and to discover our wide range of palas adapted to all player profiles.

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