In one of our traditional surveys on Instagram, we asked you if you thought Martin Di Nenno was taking a risk by teaming up with Juan Lebron.

And the answer is clear: 79% of those who responded think that the Argentinian is taking a risk by leaving his compatriot for the whimsical “Lobo”.

This seems rather logical: Stupaczuk and Di Nenno knew each other by heart, and last season, thanks to their consistency, they even managed to tickle the number 1s at the end of the season.

With eight semi-finals in 2024, the native of Ezeiza and Stupa are still metronomes but they are missing a little something to take the next step. To summarize, this year, the Superpibes are watching from afar the battle between Coello / Tapia and Galan / Chingotto and we understand that this is the reason which pushed Di Nenno to try a bet.

This bet is called Juan Lebron. The Spaniard hasn't played a full match on the left in over five years and is known for his bloody attacks when things don't go as planned on the court. Di Nenno therefore takes a certain risk, which our readers have obviously understood. But ultimately, with his status as the sixth player in the world, he won't have too much trouble bouncing back if the step with Lebron turns out to be a failure. We are therefore talking about a measured risk!

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